Force to Be Reckoned With (A Rap)

Hey It's me
Give me a holla
No I don't want your mother-fuckin dolla

Maybe I listen to too much Saweetie
Maybe all along I've really been a meanie

Maybe I was stupid,
Maybe I was lame

For letting this go on for so long
This maddening game

Well now I'm out
And my mind is clear

I'm no longer investing in you
My dear

I've disentangled, extricated, extracted
Needless to say I'm no longer attracted

I needed you once, but that was it
So sorry—is that a really hard hit?

You don't know me, you ignored me
but Why Should I care?

I'm shutting you out
It's neither here nor there

You still haven't grasped me
not even a bit

If you knew even half me
You'd swear I was lit

If you knew what a freakin' force I was
You'd drown your pillow in tears - be cuz—

You'd forever regret the day that you left me
You'd be baffled at how you never did get me

But don't come running and don't come begging
These bets of yours, they're not even worth hedging

You certainly do not have the wherewithal
To understand my power, to see me for all—

That I am and all that I offer
I really don't mind, I no longer proffer

So goodbye to you
And goodbye to me

I'm shedding my skin
And I'm living with ease

You can't hold me back
Not as well as I can

Now I'm my new best friend
Keeper of the land

I'm not gonna give away all that I used to
I'm gonna be careful with how, when, and who

My heart is my guide, my north star, my compass
I'm finally ready to embrace all I encompass

So thanks for stopping bye
I hoped you enjoyed

On second thought—
I really don't care
I am the source of my joy

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