Investing in My Daughter

Recently I switched my work schedule from 5 days a week to 3 days a week. This gives me more mental rest, a day off from the treadmill of life—which this nutritionist/fitness instructor so poorly needs!

With that extra reserve of energy, I not only have more time for self-care and reflection, but also for maintaining a more organized home, and spending more quality time with my daughter (the best part!).

I’m not working 8-5 and bringing home a shell of myself everyday. I have more to give.

Our experiences together are richer. I’m more present.

I’m still on the path of figuring out how to further use my talents to feel more fulfilled and have greater cash flow, but I’m so excited to be close to my daughter, see her blossom more, as well as get to show her the world as I see it, share with her the creativity and wisdom I’ve cultivated and learned; as well as the beautiful lessons and love handed down to me from my own parents (and grandparents!).

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