Apple Doesn’t Fall From the Tree—She Flies!

Today is the 11th yahrzeit of my grandmother. I was very close with her and I’m eternally grateful for the inner strength and self-love which she helped cultivate within me. My daughter is actually named for her (as well as for my cousin who would also have been quite the matriarch with her strong feminine energy, albeit she was taken far far far before her time).

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching—personal as well as professional. I’ve always found the two to be inextricably linked!

And part of what’s come out of that is that I am pursuing my entrepreneurial pursuits in full force, as opposed to keeping them as my side hustle.

I’ve come to a point in my life where I simply need to have more space to self-express. It used to be something I did on the side. In fact, growing up, it was completely sidelined from ages 12-21 in favor of academic pursuits. But after my father suddenly passed away when I was 21, things changed. After pushing down the grief and running away from it for the first year, I turned to writing as an outlet to process my emotions.

Till this day, writing continues to be a source of grounding, inspiration, and solace for me.

I’m grateful to live in a world where we can follow our heart when it comes to the work we do professionally. In my second year of college, I decided to pursue nutrition as my career, as an expression of my passion for healthy eating and fitness—the empowerment these practices afforded me and my deep desire to share that with others. I had been known as a health nut by my peers ever since elementary school, and in high school, my parents, who were also health-conscious, would leave newspaper clippings of nutrition articles for me, since they knew it was an area in which I was particularly interested.

The field of nutrition is the ground, my foundation. My writing represents the trees which sprout forth from it—ever-influenced by my life experiences, guiding me on the my life’s journey.

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