Clearing Out Energy: Cherishing Ourselves and Loved Ones

When I get rid of stuff, I can feel more potent in my own existence. My energy isn’t tied to things. I have all I need inside to get by. Sure we need certain objects, but the power is within us. Between consumerism and social media, we can begin to feel very disempowered. Decluttering reminds me that I am at the core of what my life looks. The writer of my story.

Getting rid of extra stuff also allows me to feel a deeper connection with what really matters. In the end of the day (sometimes literally), the best moments are cuddling with my five-year-old daughter. All my worries, and day-to-day concerns fade into the background.

Why live with so many things in my space when the most important things are right here—within us, in front of us!

My latest release, Inner Piece: Decluttering a Soul is available here.

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