Back Together Again; Humpty Dumping

You met me when I was low
Waited to see how far I’d go
Pushed me when I was moving too slow
According to You

I was broken then
Confused and lost
Wasn’t my own boss
Leaned on others like they were my cross

It took me a while
But I picked myself up
I learned and I grew
To trust my inner gut

Now I’m back together again
I’m healed from the fall
But you’re still dumped
And that’s not my concern at all

Now I’m so high I can’t even see you
To think that I used to pray that I’d be you

You were one of the lucky ones who got to enjoy me
If I wasn’t struggling then you never would have had a chance

Cherish the memories of the fun
Even remember the times I was dumb

You’re lucky you met me
Even at my lowest I’m still hot

I’m growing and blossoming
And you?
I wouldn’t be shocked if you’re not

But it isn’t my concern,
It isn’t my care

Because wherever I go
I know that I’ll be there

I’m fierce like a lion
I’m strong, self-reliant

You’re lucky I ever graced your life
You won the jackpot cuz I was lost in strife

But now I’m moving on and thriving
And I’m enjoying myself when I’m the one who’s driving

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