Immediate Gratification and the Meaning of Life

Some things move fast in life—like my car, or the internet.

The internet also exposes me to other people’s lives and makes me wonder to the tune of the John Mayer song, “Am I living it right?”

For example, I’d love to be a well-known author some day.

Years ago, most people’s works became more well-known years after their death, and they became famous posthumously.

I like to think that could happen to my books and other writings.

But then again, maybe even that is a pipe dream, since there is so much creativity and expressions put out into the world, only a small percentage will really gain traction.

Maybe wishing I was a famous author is just an escape from my more humdrum day-to-day. An escape which is all the more difficult to, well, escape, because my very own phone shows me many who have made it big on their own creativity, prowess, and unique passions.

I don’t know.

But I just watched another movie about a social media influencer. And the categories of potential opportunities just keep seeming to expand. While little ol’ me keeps pluggin’ away at her 9-5 with great health insurance benefits.

So for health insurance I am leading a more conventional life stuck inside the 4 walls of a building 3 days a week—grateful as anything I’ve reduced my workdays from 5 to 3 days a week, so I do have more space for being in nature, and well, being, in general. (See: Being versus doing—mindfulness).

And it gives me great purpose knowing I am guiding my 4-year old daughter as she explores the world and learns about the society of which she is a part.

But some days I am tired, and these mornings are cold, I have to give myself a real kick in the tuches to up and Adam* and go about the workaday world.

*The term is actually “up and at ‘em.” This I learned just now after googling it since i wasn’t sure. Learn something new everyday! I guess that makes life more interesting…

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