When Anxiety Gets the Best of Me

Finally took a pause.

You would think starting my day off with a self-love guided meditation, that it was going to go swimmingly.

Well, not exactly.

Seems like having a day off, my mind is on, on, on.

Addressing things, some more important than others, stressing over details, bathing myself in negative forecasting, when what I really need is that much-awaited epsom salt bath—both for my mind, and cuz, well, I was distracted and not-so mindful during my run on Tuesday and I may or may not have tripped on an uneven sidewalk and face/stomach planted.

Thank G-d, the driveway that I landed on was recently redone—nice and smooth—leading to minimal scrapes.

Nevertheless, it seems I’m in this icky feedback loop right now, where my body is tense from the fall, whereby I feel greater anxiety, whereby things irk me more easily/deeply, whereby I try to resolve them but I can’t instantly solve them all, whereby more anxiety—more sense of not being in control, at the mercy of a big, impersonal universe, yada, yada, yada.

We are not our emotions. And I’m so working on living more in wise mind and less in emotion mind. #DBT

But some mornings, it’s just damn hard.

Post run—portrait mode was kind, you can hardly see my forehead’s “battle wound.”
Proud of myself cuz I finished off my run 🙂

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